GDP Wholesale license

GDP Wholesale license

GDP Wholesale license, or Good Distribution Practices, describe all quality requirements for distribution of pharmaceuticals. The GDP Guidelines aim to maintain the quality of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals and OTC’s during distribution, from purchase till receipt and from storage and till export.

CyberFreight also puts the highest priority on quality on its services. Since 1999 we are sepcialized in storage as well as global distribution of products. We have invested heavily in high standard equipment, facilities and staff training, allowing us to be of service to you with the highest service levels handling your pharmaceuticals.
That we have succeeded in that, resulted in the GDP license granted to CyberFreight Pharma Logistics as well as from numerous audits successfully done by the Ministry of Health. This enables Cyberfreight to be of service to you with GDP storage, GDP transport and GDP airfreight.

GDP Wholesale license cyberfreightWhat can we do for you?

CyberFreight Pharma Logistics has a GDP storage facility in Nieuw Vennep, certified and temperature controlled. Temperature here is constantly managed between 15 and 25 degrees Celcius and special cooling units guarantee the quality of these pharmaceuticals, that require storage under these lower, controlled temperatures. Certified employees make sure you remain informed about your shipment statuses and, if required, will arrange GDP distribution of your pharmaceuticals to hospitals and pharmacists throughout the Benelux and the rest of Europe.

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Do you want more information about CyberFreight GDP Wholesale license -certified transportation, storage or distribution? Please contact Willem Lodder, Director Business Development, without any further obligation.

GDP Wholesale license in a nutshell

  • License granted by Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
  • Maintaining product quality of pharmaceuticals within the distribution proces
  • Accessibility of data for competent authorities
  • Temperature check upon receipt and continuously during storage
  • Logging and mapping of temperature during storage