certificaten certificates Cyberfreight



Cyberfreight has numerous certifications and will always strive for optimised, high quality services, whereby certificates are seen as a confirmation of the quality services offered.

AEOAEO (Autorised Economic Operator)

The AEO Certificate is a certificate issued by customs and awarded to companies that are internationally active. An AEO certificate offers companies advantages in international trade, like less strict checks on bordercrossing trade, whereby potential delays at borders decreases.

In order to obtain the Authorised Economic Operator status, a company has to comply with numerous safety criteria. These criteria are based on the EU Community Customs Regulations and the applicable EU Directives.

There are three kinds of AEO-certificates:

  • certificate AEO-customs simplifications
  • certificate AEO-security
  • combined certificate customs simplification/security

Cyberfreight is certified for the combined certificate customs simplifications/security.

GDPGDP (Good Distribution Practice)

Good Distribution Practice, well known under the abbreviation GDP, refers to guidelines for correct distribution of medicines and related products for human usage. GDP is a system for quality assurance, in which requirements are listed related to purchase, receipt, storage and export for human pharmaceuticals. The purpose is to assure a high level of quality within the supply chain, in order to maintain productquality of pharmaceuticals during the entire distribution process.

GDP regulates distribution and movement of pharmaceutical products from the moment of production till arrival at the final consumer, via different transportmethods as well as different storage facilities.

Next to a GDP certificate, Cyberfreight also has a Wholesale-license, a license to handle API’s and a license for storage and handling opiats (list 2).

ceiv-pharma-in-witvlakIATA CEIV PHARMA CERTIFICATE

IATA CEIV certification ensures that facilities, equipment, operations and staff comply with all applicable standards, regulations and guidelines expected from pharmaceutical manufacturers. The overall goal is to elevate the airfreight industry know-how and achieve global standardization. Cyber Freight is the first forwarder located at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport to obtain the IATA CEIV certificate.

ISO 9001ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. The ISO organisation issues and maintains thousends of different standards. The majority of these are product related, but some of these standards are meant for generic quality systems. ISO 9001 is most well known and refers to the general management system for quality.

SGS ISO 14001ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management, developped by the International Organisation for Standaardisation. By using a environmental management system according the ISO 14001 standard, companies are able to manage and decrease the enviromental impact of their business.