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Distribution Benelux

Distribution Benelux

In addition to a GDP compliant pallet trucking network throughout Europe, including Benelux, CyberFreight Pharma Logistics also offers a GDP last mile distribution network for small packages within the Benelux to, for example, hospitals and pharmacies for both 15-25 and 2-8 degrees. Again, no concessions are made to quality. Both the means of transport and the warehouses are GDP qualified and the personnel certified.

Due to the volume and thus high drop density within the network, the rates are very competitive and deliveries can also be made and collected in city centers. For each shipment, a Proof of Delivery and temperature data during transport are available on our portal.

We also offer express options for urgent shipments that have to be delivered within a few hours. Of course also fully GDP compliant.

Distribution Benelux in a nutshell

  • Fully GDP compliant
  • Competitive prices
  • Delivery in city centers
  • POD and temperature data available online
  • Booking through our portal possible

Want to know more?

Contact John Twisk for more information about Distribution BeNeLux