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Air Freight Pharma

Air Freight Pharma

Air Freight Pharma 

Transporting medicines by air requires a thorough approach and preparation, including a lane risk analysis prior to execution. Stability data (if available) of the product together with a lane risk assessment ultimately determines the way in which the product should be transported. The lane risk assessment provides insight into the conditions during transport and the mitigating measures required to get the product in the right condition at its destination.

Air Freight Pharma is a complex chain with different transfer points and often different parties that handle the shipments. In particular the transfer points are the points, where there is the greatest risk of deviations. CyberFreight has developed and marketed a number of specific products under the name CTC Pharma (CyberFreight Temperature Controlled) that meet the current need for compliance in the field of the transport of medicines by air.

Together with the customer, we determine per shipment how the product can best be packed and transported. Below is an overview of the different CTC products. For each product there is a Standard Operating Procedure and an extensive checklist drawn up on the basis of the GDP and IATA CEIV guidelines. Only trained and certified employees handle these shipments.

CTC Active

CTC Active is mainly used for larger batches of drugs, which are highly sensitive to heat and for drugs that are still in the clinical phase. We use an active container that is powered by a battery and keeps the goods at a constant temperature. The goods remain in the container during the entire transport. This covers risks of deviations during transhipment. The temperature can be read on the container and is verified by the various parties in the chain during transport. CTC Active can be used for the temperature ranges 0 to + 25 degrees.

CTC Passive Plus

CTC Passive Plus is mainly used for smaller batches of medicines that are highly sensitive to heat and for medicines that are still in the clinical phase. We use validated boxes or containers for this. Several solutions are possible. The choice of type of packaging or container depends on the required temperature, the transit time and the origin and destination of the shipment. The most commonly used coolants are dry ice, cooling panels with water and cooling panels with PCM (Phase Change Material). The type and quantity of coolant as well as the insulation value of the boxes / containers determine the maximum validation time (time that the goods remain at the right temperature). This is usually between 48 and max 120 hours. CTC Passive Plus can be used for the temperature ranges -70 to +25 degrees.

CTC Passive

CTC Passive is particularly suitable for less thermally sensitive medicines and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). We use airlines that offer such a passive product. The goods are temporarily stored in temperature controlled areas at the airport of departure, in transit and at destination. Some airlines also have compartments on the plane that are mapped and temperature controlled and in which only pharmaceutical products are loaded. However, during loading and unloading of the aircraft, the goods are temporarily exposed to the weather conditions at that time. Additional mitigating measures, such as booking a flight that departs and / or arrives in the evening, at night or in the early morning, or installing thermal blankets, will minimize the risks of anomalies.

CTC Basic

CTC Basic is intended for very stable drugs and API’s. At CTC Basic, the goods are sent as “general cargo”. Goods are not stored or transported by the airline under temperature control. However, mitigating measures can be taken, such as booking a direct flight with a departure and / or arrival in the evening, night or early morning or the application of thermal blankets. However, the goods can be collected, handled and delivered in a controlled manner before departure and / or after arrival.

Air Freight Pharma in a nutshell

  • Rapid movement of the air freight to its own GDP customs warehouse
  • Reliable and fast clearance of air freight
  • Thorough checking of loads on the condition and numbers of goods
  • Import and export fully certified and compliant
  • Control over the entire process from door to door
  • In-house experts for specific packaging
  • 24/7 monitoring of your shipments
  • 15-25 degrees Celsius, 2-8 degrees Celsius and frozen
  • Globally qualified agent network
  • GDP and IATA CEIV Pharma qualified employees
  • Globally qualified agent network

Partnership and certification  

On February 9, 2016, CyberFreight Pharma Logistics was the first signatory of the agreement with ACN to commit to the IATA CEIV Pharma program. With this quality standard that has been specifically developed for the transport of medicines by air freight, we want to develop, together with truckers and handling agents as well as other players in the Schiphol chain, as the preferred pharma hub, thereby improving the quality and integrity of medicines during transport and air freight.

IATA CEIV logoCyberFreight Pharma Logistics has been IATA CEIV Pharma certified since November 2016. CEIV Pharma is a quality standard established by IATA that aims to improve the quality of the air transport chain through standardization. CEIV Pharma contains elements of GDP and WHO guidelines, among other things, but also contains specific instructions and checklists on how to handle certain equipment used during transport.

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