International freight forwarder CyberFreight can take care of the entire process of air freight and sea freight shipping for you. As we are licensed custom brokers we have our own bonded warehouse at Schiphol Airport where we can arrange everything: from packing-repacking and labelling to import and export shipment.

From our ocean freight office located near Rotterdam Port, we carry out all ocean freight services including distribution and warehousing.

CyberFreight works with partners in 62 different countries and more than 230 offices worldwide, offering door to door service at competitive prices.

Warehousing and distribution

At CyberFreight we can store your goods at locations all over the world, wel call that “Warehousing and distribution”. Our warehousing in the Netherlands takes place at Schiphol Airport and in Rotterdam Port. There we have well-secured warehouses. In addition we can also take care of further distribution of your goods.

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GDP Wholesale license

GDP Wholesale license, or Good Distribution Practices, describe all quality requirements for distribution of pharmaceuticals. The GDP Guidelines aim to maintain the quality of pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals and OTC’s during distribution, from purchase till receipt and from storage and till export.

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Track & Trace

Our Track & Trace service will inform you of your shipment’s exact location at any given moment.

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