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Distribution Europe

Distribution Europe

GDP certified Groupage service Europe

In close cooperation with a strategic partner, CyberFreight offers the possibility to deliver your distribution throughout Europe in an economical, but fully GDP compliant way, through a pharma groupage service. In this groupage service, only pharmaceutical goods are transported from 1 box to a maximum of 33 euro pallets per trailer. This service is available for the temperature ranges 15-25 degrees and 2-8 degrees and meets the most stringent requirements.

Requirements for TCVs (Temperature Controlled Vehicle)

All tractors and trailers are equipped with GPS and an on-board computer. The trailers are temperature mapped according to the so-called “family approach”. Before loading, each loading unit is pre-conditioned so that the goods are immediately and always at the correct temperature in the car during loading. A documented cleaning protocol ensures that the loading units are always clean and thus prevents the risk of contamination. The refrigeration system in the loading units are maintained annually and the temperature sensors in the loading units are calibrated every year.

Requirements for drivers

The requirements for drivers are strict. Every driver must speak Dutch or English at a good level. Naturally, all drivers are trained on the GDP guidelines and an extensive training program ensures that the knowledge of drivers remains up to date.

Distribution Europe in a nutshell

  • Delivery and collection throughout Europe
  • Groupage and Express
  • Combined transport 2-8 degrees and 15-25 degrees Celsius
  • Completely GDP compliant
  • Only use of Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines


The number of transfer points during all transports is a maximum of 1. Transshipment will then only take place in a GDP-certified transfer location in the Netherlands. The goods are loaded or unloaded directly on / from the trailer at the loading / unloading address without additional transfer points. In general, only the transfer location is used for shipments under 5 pallets. Full car loads always go directly, so never via the transfer location.

Temperature monitoring and POD

The temperature in the car is continuously monitored throughout the transport. Both the driver and the central planning will be notified when a temperature overrun occurs somewhere, so that immediate action can be taken. The customer will receive the temperature data of each transport immediately digitally, including the temperature data during the stay at the transshipment location, if used. The customer will also receive a proof of delivery (Proof of Delivery; POD) signed by the recipient.

All of Europe

There are very few destinations within Europe that cannot be delivered via our GDP certified network. We can therefore safely say that we can supply all of Europe, including destinations such as Cyprus and Malta. Do you have a special destination, ask us.

For urgent shipments, we use a GDP compliant express network that can collect and deliver your urgent shipments throughout Europe. Contact us for the possibilities.

Want to know more?

Contact John Twisk for more information about Distribution Europe