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The CyberFreight Organisation

At the CyberFreight organisation we take care of your air freight and ocean freight forwarding. We are a family-owned company that opened office at Schiphol Airport on the 1st of November 1999 and in Rotterdam Port in the following year.

Our practical management structure allows us to operate with great flexibility and therefore adjust to the ever-changing market quickly. Our focus is on Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) and we need a good mix of clients in order to operate competitively. We also have large size clients who need a very different kind of attention. Our personnel value all our clients and other people we work with regardless of size, for example: airlines, shipping lines, customs officers, and overseas partners.


The logistics industry is forever changing. At the CyberFreight organisation we therefore expect our employees to show initiative and to think outside of the box. Freight forwarding requires us to act fast. When a cargo misses its ship, it could easily arrive weeks later. Sure, we make mistakes now and then. However, even though we find this annoying, we always admit to our mistakes and subsequently do all within our power – after consulting our client – to find the most suitable solution.


CyberFreight is a member of the LINK network. CyberFreight owner Jacques van den Berg founded this worldwide network of ocean freight forwarders and air freight forwarders in 1994. The partners in this network are located in 62 countries and have a total of more than 240 offices. The LINK head office is located in Hong Kong.


Being a LINK network member puts us in a favourable position in the international marketplace. We have access to all our partners’ statistics and use these to negotiate with airlines and shipping lines. Therefore our rates are highly competitive.


We have the Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO status). That makes us a reliable partner for customs officials.