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Project Freight

Project Freight

We are specialised in project freight. Project freight is where large air freight or ocean freight is forwarded for one major event at the same time. In some cases this even requires freight charters. Events can be unexpected, for example oil spills and floods – or planned, for example car rallies.

In 2011 we sent large charter freights of emergency supplies to the oil spill in New Zealand. There was a great demand for pumps, zodiac boats, generators and other equipment at the scene for preventing oil from escaping into the sea.

Air charters, ocean charters and the right people all at the ready

Often, in the case of project freight many people and vehicles are arranged simultaneously. Therefore smooth cooperation is essential. Our network allows us to have everything needed for large freight services at the ready. The right equipment, know-how and a plan of operations for dealing with complex logistics.

project freight cyberfreight internationalPROJECT FREIGHT COORDINATOR FRANK DE BONT

Frank de Bont is the man responsible for the coordination of all project freight services at CyberFreight. In the past Frank worked for an airline company and he therefore knows exactly which airplane is suitable for each charter flight. In addition he knows all the agents of our L.I.N.K. partners well. This enables him to have the right personnel and airplanes ready for takeoff.

We employ personnel who have worked for airline companies and shipping companies. They know exactly which mode of transportation each situation requires. Furthermore, we have our own customs warehouses containing everything needed to be ready at short notice: packaging machines, digital scales, foil and various forklifts.

Project Freight in a nutshell

  • Available 24/7
  • Our network allows the right personnel and vehicles to be ready at short notice
  • The right expertise at hand for transporting the largest air freight and ocean freight at a moment’s notice
  • We respond to unexpected events in a flexible and quick manner

Want to know more?

Contact Frank de Bont for more information about Project Freight