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Cleanroom Services

Cleanroom Services

CyberFreight Pharma Logistics has an ISO 7 Cleanroom at its GDP facility in Nieuw-Vennep. In particular, it is used for physical customs checks performed on products that should not be opened in a normal environment (e.g. raw materials for medicines). Importers who cannot transfer to a GMP environment in the event of inspection of customs should then search ad hoc for an environment, where inspection can take place in a responsible and secure manner. Because CyberFreight has its own cleanroom services, this can be done quickly and responsibly.

CyberFreight Pharma Logistics employees are trained to work in a cleanroom services and of course all the necessary tools are available to carry out such inspections.

Cleanroom Services in a nutshell

  • ISO 7 performance
  • Trained employees

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