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Sea Freight Pharma

Sea Freight Pharma

The transport of medicines by sea freight pharma is less complex than the transport by air. The lead time of containers by ocean freight is considerably longer than the lead time with air freight, but the costs for ocean freight are also considerably lower. CyberFreight has also developed two products for sea freight pharma under the name CTC Pharma.

Together with the customer, we determine for each shipment which product is needed. Here too, drug stability and a lane risk assessment play an important role.

Below you will find an overview of our products. For each product there is a Standard Operating Procedure and an extensive checklist that are drawn up on the basis of the GDP guidelines. Only qualified and certified employees handle these shipments.


At CTC Active Ocean we use so-called reefer containers. These containers are equipped with a cooling system, that keeps the medicines at the right temperature during transport. In the port of departure, on board the ship and in the port of destination, the containers are connected to generators. CTC Active Ocean is currently only available for FCL (Full Container Load).


CTC Basic ocean is intended for very stable medicines and API’s. At CTC Basic ocean, the goods are sent as “general cargo” in a normal container. However, the goods can be collected, handled, stored and delivered before departure and / or after arrival temperature if necessary.

Sea Freight Pharma in a nutshell

  • Reliable and fast customs clearance for sea freight
  • Thorough check of loads on numbers and condition of goods
  • Import and export fully certified and compliant
  • 15-25 degrees Celsius, 2-8 degrees Celsius and frozen
  • GDP qualified employees
  • Globally qualified agent network
  • 24/7 monitoring of your shipments
  • Control over the entire process from door to door


Want to know more?

Contact Marco van Eijk for more information about Seafreight Pharma