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China by Rail

China by Rail

Transporting goods by rail to or from China is a very good alternative to air and sea freight in a number of situations. It concerns a rail connection directly from China until arrival in Tilburg, Venlo or Rotterdam. It is also possible to arrange LCL shipments by rail.

Because of the cost aspect, sea freight is currently often used for freight transport to and from China. However, lead times are long and when these play a more crucial role in the logistics chain, air freight becomes a serious option, even if the costs are much higher. Rail transport is positioned between air and sea freight, for both costs and lead time and can be a real possibility for your supply chain.

From the time of departure of the train, the train will be in the Netherlands in about 22 days. The trains will not pass through Russia and Belarus, but through Kazakhstan and Turkey. Naturally, the container still has to be transported from the factory to the place of departure and eventually from the place of arrival in the Netherlands to the final destination.

LCL can also be sent.

Because more and more options are offered with reefer containers, where the temperature is controllable during transport, the track also offers opportunities for pharmaceutical products.

If you are interested in this solution, please contact us. Based on the place of loading and the place of unloading, we will offer you a tailor-made solution.

China by Rail in a nutshell

  • Faster than sea freight
  • Cheaper than air freight
  • Alternative to high-quality products
  • More environmentally friendly due to less CO2 emissions compared to air freight
  • Future-proof due to huge investments by the Chinese government
  • Train route does not pass through Russia and/or Belarus

Want to know more?

Contact Marco van Eijk for more information about China by Rail