USA/ACE meeting at our Barendrecht offices.

USA/ACE meeting at our Barendrecht offices.

Our partner in America is American Cargo Express (ACE) and Uwe Ratzmann is route development manager for Europe. Uwe visits us regularly and, as was announced in a newsletter, you were invited to meet with Uwe, while enjoying a Budweiser and a hotdog.


It also provided the opportunity, to see how and where we work in Barendrecht and get further acqainted with each other.

We prepared a nice presentation, which was given, while enjoying a Budweiser, a Mountain Dew or a Root Beer (yak…… tasts like medicin) and a hotdog.

We explained the way presidential election are held in America, we talked about US Customs, the FDA, customs clearance, routing, Homeland Security, which has a rather large impact on doing businss with the USA, due to their strict rules and high fines. We did not come to a conclusion on who will win the upcoming elections. Donald Trump seems less popular amongst the Dutch people then Hillary Clinton.EU_US-Logo

All in all a nice and very usefull late afternoon, which we will repeat in due course. We would like to thank all attendees and hope that we motivate others to attend too next time. Thank you all on behalf of the entire Cyberfreight team !


Published on 16 June 2016


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