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Veterinary Medicinal Product Storage

Veterinary Medicinal Product Storage

The preparation, packaging, labeling and delivery of veterinary medicines is licensed until 2013 on the basis of the Veterinary Medicines Act. The Animals Act came into force on 01 January 2013 and permits are issued below for the manufacture, import, wholesale and retail of veterinary medicines. Old licenses are deemed to apply under the new legislation, by means of a transitional law It is expected that, as with pharmaceuticals for human consumption, the regulations for Veterinary Medicinal Product Storage and distribution will also be amended.

In Belgium, veterinary medicinal product storage are already covered by GDP and the Netherlands is sure to follow. We will continue to monitor this closely.

Veterinary Medicinal Product Storage in a nutshell

  • Prepared for new regulations
  • ISO9001, ISO14001 and AEO certified
  • Qualified and skilled employees


We can work with you to anticipate the upcoming regulations for veterinary medicinal product storage. Of course, we can wait for the regulations to be updated, but it is better, as CyberFreight is used to do, to anticipate and ensure that we take and maintain a competitive lead together.

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